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Scene Entities

The general ambience of a mission depends on the content but can also be impacted by global entities that can be found under the Scene Entity tree. The objects can have any position indiferently, better have them all in one position so you can tweak these general settings all at once. Be careful as those entities affect the entire scene.

Note that when adding several instances of these objects on the scene, the lastest object will override the others. but you can still switch between several instances by enabling/disabling them with events and triggers


The items under SkyModelEntity will change the background of the map. Adding a second of those to the map will override the former one, but generaly, only one should be used.


A GlowEntity object will allow glowing on object instances. For instance, without GlowEntity, the acid pools in the sewers level would appear matte and not as glowy as they do in the real game.


  • Factor - A multiplier for objects glowing intensity. 0 would be as effective as not placing any GlowEntity on your Scene.
  • GlowHDRRange -
  • GlowHDRScale -
  • GlowBlur - [0;1.5] - A glowing fading factor, like a Gaussian Blur
  • GlowScale - A delimiter for glowing outside the object

Note : Glowing properties of a ModelComponent can be tweaked by changing SelfIllumination, GlowAmount or GlowFactor properties


Will add a fog to the scene, which will help gradually fading the background and give an impression of depth


  • Color - Fog color
  • Start - (x-axis)
  • End - (y-axis)
  • Factor - A multiplier for fog intensity


Will add a general colored ambience on the scene. You can also set contrast and saturation parameters. More information on wikipedia's HSL page


  • Factor - A multiplier for the color effect intensity
  • Saturation
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Color - Note that the parameters of this object are "x,y,z". This is just a standard 3D object, and they stand respectively for Red, Green and Blue.


Will give an effect of swaying (waves) to the scene.

  • Factor - [0;1] - A multiplier for the sway intensity
  • SwayDirection - A vector for the general direction of the swaying
  • SwayFrequency - Frequency of a swaying pattern. The lower the slower
  • SwayAmplitude - How much the scene will be stretched. Be careful with your players stomachs




This object can be found under the LightEntity tree. It regulates the global lighting of the scene, as well as the orientation of shadows.

Note : This object can be rotated and displays three arrows on the view panel showing the direction of the light. Note : There is no hiding from this light, it goes through everything and doesn't cast shadows on the way. Use for global lighting


  • Color1 - Light color
  • Color2 - Shadows color
  • Factor - A multiplier for the lighting intensity. Doesn't affect other lights.
  • Enabled - Boolean

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