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Welcome to the Support page for Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy!

Bug reports

  • Bug reports: Please move over to the THQ Nordic Redmine bug database for Trine 5 and follow the instructions. This database is shared with the publisher and the developer and ensures the best handling of bugs.
  • This Support page is for general knowledge and how-to's on existing issues.


Game release facts

Known issues

Online multiplayer: Invisible players

There's a bug on all platforms where online players may turn "invisible" (often upon joining a game after some connectivity issues). This has been fixed and will be updated on all platforms post-launch. The workaround is to try a few more times and/or restarting the game (including the actual game and the online game session). Starting from the lobby often works. Alternatively starting the latest level and then enabling online game helps.

PC: AMD GPU flicker

Some older AMD graphics cards may experience flicker in some levels. Please see here for more information.

PC multiplayer

Disabling Epic Online Services (EOS)

Trine 5 uses Epic Online Services for multiplayer and specifically cross-platform multiplayer. Disabling EOS can be done but it will also disable multiplayer. If you want to do this, you can edit options.txt with this line to disable the EOS files (incl. EOSSDK-Win64-Shipping.dll)and prevent them from being loaded:

  • open %APPDATA%\Trine5\ and the options.txt file (with the game not open in the background)
  • Add: setOption(networkModule, "UseEOS", false)
  • Save the file and restart the game

That should do the trick. Please note that this will disable multiplayer as explained above.

PC technical issues

AMD GPU flicker

On some older AMD graphics cards (including AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT), there may be strange flicker, e.g. the ground and environment may flicker in large chunks. Please contact support (link to top) and report the issue along with your hardware and most importantly the GPU you're using.

There is a workaround fix as well (in the first post-launch update coming in early September) but it needs to be manually enabled:

  • open %APPDATA%\Trine5\ and the options.txt file (with the game not open in the background)
  • Add: setOption(rendererModule, "ShadowFlickerWorkaround", true)
  • Save the file and restart the game

However please let support know in some way what GPU was affected by this and we will be able to help others by enabling the fix automatically for those GPUs.

Disabling Zoya's bow/arrow trajectory line

This feature will be enabled in the next patch after 4 Sep 2023.

To disable the trajectory line for Zoya's bow/arrows (the line that shows where the arrow will shoot/hit):

  • open %APPDATA%\Trine5\ and the options.txt file (with the game not open in the background)
  • Add: setOption(gameModule, "ShowBowTrajectoryLine", false)
  • Save the file and restart the game

Gameplay issues

Achievements and Trophies

Trine 5 includes 62 achievements or 63 Trophies on PlayStation (you can see the Steam Achievements here).

The tutorial levels are often not counted for the gameplay-related achievements.

As Luck Would Have It

This achievement needs to be completed in one go from the beginning. You cannot save the game in-between and return to the level later. (The reason for this is that it would've been too easy to cheat by returning to an already-completed level. To prevent that, we would've had to add some checks to all the levels. We've done such checks for the "Made of Sugar" achievement because that's specific to a single level, however we haven't done so for all the levels and thus As Luck Would Have It needs to be completed in one session.)