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Ambient occlusion is a shading and rendering technique that's used to calculate how visible different points in the scene are to ambient lighting. Enclosed spaces receive less ambient light than open surfaces and thus are darker. Ambient occlusion is used to emulate more natural lighting conditions by reducing the flatness of the light when used with ambient lights. Excellent sources for more information on ambient occlusion are the wikipedia page on ambient occlusion and two articles in GPU Gems 2 and GPU Gems 3.

AmbientOcclusionEntity in the editor

AmbientOcclusionEntity (AOE) can be found in the editor from "InstanceBase/Entity/SceneEntity/AmbientOcclusionEntity".

AOE is a very simple entity to use, since it has only three important properties:

  • Factor
    • If there are more than one AOE in the scene, this property determines the weight of each individual one. This property can also be used to turn the ambient occlusion off by setting it to 0.
  • Strength
    • Like the name says, this property determines the strength of the effect.
  • Radius
    • Larger radius looks better in larger areas with large corners. Smaller value looks better when there are smaller details and crevices in the scene.