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Basic windows in editor

Object properties

Show Object Properties dockable window using View > Object Properties or using Ctrl + P.

With this window you can modify object's properties.

Scene instance tree

Show Scene instance tree dockable window using View > Scene instance tree or using Ctrl + F2.

With this window you can see all instances in the scene/level.

Type tree

Show Type tree dockable window using View > Type tree or using Ctrl + F3.

With this window you can find entites/types which can be inserted into scene/level.

Resource tree

Show Resource tree dockable window using View > Resource tree or using Ctrl + F4.

With this window you can see all the resources which are available.

Recent objects

Show Recent objects dockable window using View > Recent objects.

With this window you can see recent types you have used.


Show Modules dockable window using View > Modules.

With this window you can modify Module properties which affects various things in editor / engine.

Error list

Show Error list dockable window using View > Error list.

This window shows errors, warnings and info messages generated by editor and engine. Very usefull tool for debugging what's wrong.

Reference list

Show Reference list dockable window using View > Reference list.

When selecting some type or instance you can see ReferenceString property in the Property Window and by clicking it with mouse right button and selecting Show Reference list from the context menu, you can print type's or instance's reference list into this window.

Basic controls in editor

Moving camera

  • WASD - Move camera
  • Shift + WASD - Move camera faster
  • Right mouse button and drag - Rotate the view

Object selection

  • Left mouse button - Select object
  • Alt + Left mouse button - Select object behind another object (You may need to click multiple times to select the desired object)
  • Shift + Left mouse button - Select multiple objects
  • Ctrl + Left mouse button and drag - Select objects in area

Tool selection

  • 1 - Move tool
  • 2 - Rotate tool
  • 3 - Scale tool

Copying and pasting

  • Ctrl + C - Copy selected object(s)
  • Ctrl + X - Cut selected object(s)
  • Ctrl + V - Paste copied object(s)
  • Ctrl + Shift + V - Paste in place


  • Ctrl + Z - Undo (Only available in Trine Enchanted Edition Editor)

Editing objects

Click an object you want to edit in the level. Three arrow or circles should appear depending on what tool you have selected. Use these arrows/circles to move, rotate and scale the object on X, Y and Z axis. Note: You can select objects only from currently selected layer. Change layer by clicking Def., Col., 1, 2... from the tool bar.


To duplicate hold Shift and move object from one of the arrows while having move tool selected.

Editing object properties

To edit an object's properties you need to open up the Object Properties dockable window via View > Object Properties and then selecting the Object you want to Edit.

Adding objects

Objects can be added from Type tree window. You can open it from View > Type tree. Use the Search field to find the objects you are looking for. Most of the time objects you want to use are located under TypeRoot/InstanceBase/Entity. Also remember to deselect any selected objects in Type tree before searching again.

Finding the right object from the type tree can be quite tricky if you don't know the exact name of the object. A good way to start is to copy them from existing maps.

Testing map in editor and saving

To test your changes in editor press green play button to start the level or blue play button to start from camera position.

Play buttons.png