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Error list

The Error List shows all the errors and warnings you might have in your level at the moment. You can find and open Error List window from View → Error List.

It updates in real time, so if something bad happens it will notify you. Pay close attention to the bottom part of the screen: it will flash the appropriate color and explanation when it encounters an error or warning.

Errors are color coded


while Warnings are color-coded



While errors are bound to happen when working on your levels, an error free level is one of the main things that constitutes to a complete level.

Resolving Errors

The first tip is to go through the processing icons in the toolbar. px116

The second tip is to calmly save your level and exit the editor. After that just restart your level.

Aside from those quick fix-it-all options, here are some example cases of the most common errors and how to fix them:

Navigation related

If the error message mentions Navigationmesh or NavigationManager, it's related to the AI's navigation. The easiest way to solve these errors is to check you have a NavigationMeshAreaEntity in your level and that it is placed properly. The navigation mesh needs to contain the whole level inside it for the AI to work properly. In Shadwen, it is needed even if you don't have any guards or enemies, because Lily's AI will need it to function. If you have the navigationArea set properly, you might want to check that it is built into the level. This is done by pressing the Build navigation mesh button Build navigation mesh icon.png in the toolbar. You might need to save and restart your editor to see the changes happen.

Bind related

These are errors that a faulty bind might cause. The errors they create are numerous, but are generally the same thing just happening to all the possible control binds. The quick and dirty fix is to remove the bind folder completely from \data\binds. DO NOT REMOVE ANY OTHER BIND FOLDERS FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. After the process just restart your editor.

ActorType/AbstractPhysics related

When dealing with objects you wish to destroy that have AbstractPhysicsComponent, you might run into the error below. The reason the editor starts to yell at you is because the animations. If you wish to have an destruction animation that moves, the ActorType cannot be static. In this example, there was a destroyable wall set to ActorTypeStatic. The solution is to change the ActorType to ActorTypeKinematic. This allows static objects to be moved in game, and such the animations also work.

--- ERROR --- fb::engine::component::AbstractPhysicsComponent::ActorType getActorTypeRef(), Value is ActorTypeStatic when non-static is expected Trying to physics sync static object, if you want to move a "static" actor, use a kinematic actor!