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How to create playtest log

1) Enable playtest logging

  • Start the editor
  • Open the module view (View -> Modules)
  • Select GameBaseApplicationModule
  • Open object properties (Ctrl+P)
  • Check FocusLoggingEnabled in the properties window

2) Play to create a report

  • Start game from editor
  • Play game (you can play multiple levels)
  • Stop game

3) Open report

  • See binary/log/ folder and open most recent folder with date as name (for example '20150211_135529')
  • Open 'report.txt'


You can also add playtest areas. Create an entity with FocusTestAreaComponent and BoxAreaComponent (or any other area). Give name to area in FocusTestAreaComponent::FocusTestAreaName. Make sure the area component has listen player box mask on.

Report will give information about how player played that area.

You can also give type name of an enemy to track how long it took to kill the enemy after entering the area.