SpotLightEntity shadow flickering problem

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SpotLightEntity shadows flickering on and off

SpotLightEntities have ShadowQuality set by default to ShadowQuality4. If there are more than four SpotLightEntities with ShadowQuality4 in view, the shadows will start flickering. The same applies to SpotLightEntities with lower ShadowQuality so that

  • 4 x ShadowQuality1 = 1 x ShadowQuality2
  • 4 x ShadowQuality2 = 1 x ShadowQuality3 and
  • 4 x ShadowQuality3 = 1 x ShadowQuality4

All in all there can be a maximum number of 10 shadow casting SpotLightEntities in view at the same time.