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Here we offer a knowledge base of support for some of our games.

Old games (e.g. Shadowgrounds) will be moved here at some point in the future.

Trine 5

Please see the Trine 5 Support page.

Trine 4

Coming soon.

In the meantime please see e.g.

General support

PC controller issues

Sometimes game controllers on PC can behave in erratic ways. Most games, including the Trine series, support Xbox and PlayStation controllers and a variety of "generic" controllers. However certain controllers may have special purposes or other issues. Here's a few tips if you're having controller trouble on any Frozenbyte game, especially the Trine series.

  1. Try Xbox 360 Controller Emulator for a generic solution to all controller problems
  2. Steam also has some controller/gamepad functionality/remapping/emulation possibilities (and even some default behaviour), please consult their own support/help
  3. If you have a GameSir gamepad such as the T4 Kaleid, take note of its features, such as "you can change to the PC mode by holding the X+Home buttons for 2s".
  4. Remember to restart the game if you do any changes and have the game running at the same time, a restart may be needed for the game to recognize your changes