3D Asset Workflow: Alternative Textures

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3D Asset Workflow


  • Alternative Textures (AltTextures) are used when there's a need for a different looking material/color for the same asset
  • Some times it's better to make a tintmask instead, depending on the case
  • One model can have several Alternative Textures of all the maps
    • Usually there's only need to make an Alternative Texture for albedo only - this depends on the case, but don't make unnecessary 1:1 copies of the default textures
      • The Editor creates a separate meshmaterial for the Alternative Textures, and it will use the default textures for all maps that don't have separate Alternative Textures
  • Using Alternative Textures eliminates the need to make a separate fbxmodel, as only the texture is changed
  • Alternative Textures can be swapped in the Editor's ModelComponent properties
Trine4 playable characters color variations preview.jpg

Alternative Texture Worklow Steps

  1. Create the Alternative Textures
    • Name them correctly
    • Add them to the same folder where the original textures are in the binary SVN
  2. Open the Editor (the Editor can also be open when you add the textures to the binary)
    • The Editor should now notice the new textures, and open a pop-up about adding new resources and a new meshmaterial
    • If it doesn't do so automatically, find the model's FBX from the Resources Window, right-click it and select "Open FBX Dialog" or "Process resources"
      • Reprocessing the FBX should force the Editor to notice that a new meshmaterial is needed, and create it
  3. Find the model you added the Alternative Texture to from the Type Tree, add it to the scene to test it
  4. Open the model's ModelComponents
  5. Find AlternativeTexture setting, and try changing the number (e.g. from 0 to 1, 0 being the default)
  6. The new texture should appear on the model
3d asset workflow alternative alt texture guide.jpg
Alt texture.png

Naming the Alternative Texture

  • The Alternative Textures need to have a correct suffix, or else the Editor will not create the needed meshmaterial for them
    • The Editor will use the albedo material to make the meshmaterial, so you can only make the Alternative Texture for that, if nothing else is needed - the asset will use the default textures for the rest or the materials automatically
    • The suffix should be the very last thing in the texture's name - it goes after all other suffixes
    • In the ModelComponent properties:
      • AlternativeTexture 0 = default textures (no suffix)
      • AlternativeTexture 1 = the first Alternative Texture (suffix _alt_0)
      • AlternativeTexture 2 = the first Alternative Texture (suffix _alt_1)
      • Etc

3D Asset Workflow alttextures 16.5.2023.jpg


  • If the Editor doesn't create the meshmaterial for the Alternative Texture
  1. Are the textures named correctly?
    • The Editor will make the meshmaterial based on the albedo texture's name
  2. Have you tried processing the resources of the FBX file?
  3. If that doesn't work, try restarting the Editor
  • Are you trying to add an Alternative Texture to a model which uses textures from multiple places in the binary?
  1. In this case, try adding the Alternative Texture to the folder where the FBX is, instead of the original textures